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Fee Guide

The following is a guideline to your bariatric surgery costs and procedures:

ALL BARIATRIC PATIENTS MUST BE IN A PRIVATE HEALTH FUND TO ACCESS BARIATRIC SERVICES – we strongly advise you ring your private health insurer to ascertain any rebates to which you might be entitled.

Bariatric services are offered to patients aged 18-75.

The Surgeons do not participate in any private health insurer’s “gap scheme”.

A current referral from a GP or Medical Specialist is required.

Updated May 2017 – Fees

Procedure Item No. Fee Rebate (approx)
Initial Consultation 104 $220 $72.75
Follow-up Consultation 105 $90 $36.55
Dietitian Appointment Initial Visit $150 $60
Dietitian Follow Up $75 $30
Sleeve Gastrectomy 31575 $5800 $1000 – $1100
Abdominoplasty 30177 $7200 $1000 – $1200
Gastric Bypass – Initial/FU 31581 $6500/$7500 $1250
DEXA Scan/Results $140

Skype Consultations

Mr Jon Armstrong  and Mr Siva Gounder provide an effective and convenient  service to patients by offering SKYPE and TeleHealth as an initial appointment.

Skype appointments are available for patients who live or work in Regional areas and are looking to discuss the suitability of weight loss surgery, without the need to fly into Perth.

Patient Assisted Travel Scheme (PATS) may also be possible dependant on your circumstances.

Regular follow ups have proven to increase the success of weight loss surgery, and having access to SKYPE appointments will assist you in achieving/maintaining weight loss goals.