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Welcome to Advance Surgical

We are highly qualified bariatric and general surgeons with years of experience performing specialised weight loss surgery procedures. We work along-side a multidisciplinary team of dietitians and clinical psychologist to aid in your journey of weight loss.

Advance surgical was formed to help those who find dieting just doesn’t work for them due to health reasons or other issues.

Our easily approachable doctors are passionate about improving the lives of people dealing with obesity. We aim to provide the most suitable surgical procedure for your individual circumstances. As part of our complete approach to support you, dietitians give suitable advice on eating habits and our amazing clinical psychologist can help out when things are not feeling right.

The whole team is here to help you achieve the goals you are aiming for with weight loss.

Meet Our Team

Dr Jon Armstrong | Mr Siva Gounder | Dietitians | Clinical Psychologist | Office Staff

Hollywood Medical Centre,
Suite 8, 85 Monash Avenue
Nedlands WA 6009
Phone: 08 9386 2634
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